Can 6-second intervals really help long course triathletes?

I’ve just been reading through the November issue of 220 Triathlon and there’s a very interesting article by Andrew Hamilton which sugests we can all benefit from (very) short, high intensity intervals.

I stopped doing short run intervals about 3 years ago after injuring myself trying to pack in one more hard session before a race and now limit myself to mainly cruise intervals. I followed the same type of approach last season with my bike training (working on my turbo trainer doing 3 x 20 min or 4 x 10 min intervals) and made significant improvements to my triathlon bike times……..

However, the research he quotes from suggests that bike 10 x 6 sec flat out intervals performed 3 times a week improved a sample group’s time trial (TT) time by 10%!

Another study showed improvements with 6 x 10 sec intervals and in fact it seems that they were nearly as effective as 30 sec intervals.

I’m not sure if this sounds quite right but what a great time of year to read this kind of article!

while drawing up next year’s training plan, why not add a few high-intensity intervals? It can’t hurt…… and it might just help….


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