Relieving the boredom of running on treadmills

After watching a funny treadmill video on posted by triathlonobsession I decided to let you in on a couple of my favourite techniques to make the time fly on a treadmill.

While I always prefer to run outside if possible, there is often snow or ice on the ground for many of us during the winter months and treadmills provide a safe alternative for speedwork or other running drills. Here are a couple of my favourites…..

Start these sets after an easy 10 minute warm up;

For speedwork:

Raise your speed to a comfortable pace and then increase the speed every 2 mins until you reach your race pace.

For me I would start this at 12.5km/h and increase it by 1km/h to 16km/h, and then reduce it again at the same intervals. This could then be repeated, and then hey presto – an hour has flown by!

A modification on this could be to push to faster than race pace (eg. for me up to 17km/h, and then reduce the treadmill speed to a jog/walk and then start building from the start again.

For strength:

Repeat the above, but instead of increasing speed, increase incline or even mix up a bit of both. This provides a very challenging workout and when it gets too much you can start reducing it again and once again, hey presto – another hour has flown by!

I try to limit indoor running to once a week for my sanity, but these ideas provide a basis for my winter running training especially when I can’t get outside.

Give them a try!

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