I’m a bit late writing this, but after the first triathlon this year I thought that things couldn’t possibly get worse……

But then when I arrived at Czechman it was pouring with rain and I was tempted to go home…. Until I spoke to one of the other competitors who reminded me it was Ironman and there is always something to make things difficult. This was the best thing I heard all day and helped steel me against anything that might happen.

New Image

The rain got harder and harder, the weather got colder and I think the high of the day was 10 degrees but this time I was ready for it and I took it all in my stride. Even after my glasses fogging up at the start of the bike and taking a wrong turning I still didn’t get upset and got on with the job in hand.

New Image1

I rode my best ever bike leg, and while my run was worse than last season, the ground was very wet and I also struggled to put my socks on as my feet were soaking wet and my hands freezing cold.

It was a great feeling to finish and this year I finished 38th in 4h35, which put me in 6th from 82 in my age group.

For more info on this event, click here

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