Racing to supplement training?

Racing is the best training surely? That’s what I’ve always thought.

But yesterday I started to reconsider this idea. Feeling tired when out running, ten days after a half Ironman and after a weekend of last long training sessions, with an olympic triathlon on Sunday as final preparation for my first Ironman race of the year….

My reasons for having second thoughts?

1) It’s a minimum 2-hour drive to the drive to the race

2) The race has been changed due to the high-water levels and crazy weather this year. The swim is shorter and has been moved to a different location, so now it doesn’t seem like such good training

3) Pressure of work, as a teacher the end of the school year is looming and I have a lot of marking and other extra work to do. This is contributing to my tiredness

4) Oh yes, the weather! Triathlon should be a summer sport but this year I’ve raced twice and the temperature was just 10 degrees!

So taking all this into consideration, maybe I am better off staying at home, doing my own triathlon ‘in training’, I can ‘race’ longer, rest more, and spend more time at home with my family before the Ironman next week!!

How do you feel about racing to supplement training?

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