A season of extremes – Slovakman

It has taken me a while to get up to date with all of these things as after Moraviaman my wife had our second son so our house has been very busy!!

Finally I have managed to write the final installment of my season so far. The first races of the season were the coldest I have competed in, and for this one we were expecting it to be hot and that is exactly what we got!

Slovakman226 - Bike - 021

I read a news article after the race that said it was over 36 degrees in the shade, and needless to say we were all melting on the run! I normally thrive in hot weather races but today I just couldn’t get into a rhythm after getting off the bike and found myself drinking as much as I could at each aid station until I developed a method of carrying the cup of water as far as I could and kept swishing it round in my mouth until it was gone. This really helped me in the second half of the run as I managed to salvage something from the race.


Although my slowest run ever, I managed to run 17th fastest on the day and took 3rd place in my age group…. very happy with that….


My third time here and still my favourite long distance race. More info on Slovakman here

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