Two halves make a whole, right?

As the end of the season was approaching, I had to make a decision on my final race of the year. Collogne, Vichy or Walchsee? After the punishment in Piestany, the idea of travelling for 8 or 12 hours to do it all again and then drive back home didn’t seem too appealing and with baby Tom at home it didn’t seem fair on my wife either. So I decided to go back to Pilman and then go to Walchsee the following week. I get to race the same distance AND spend more time at home!

I was a bit ill before Pilman, and this made the race even tougher but I decided to use it for training for Walchsee. For more details see here

Then Challenge Walchsee turned out to be the best race of the year by far! The place was beautiful and the people I met were great too…. I can’t wait to go back! For more on the race, see here.

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