TrainerRoad Review

What is TrainerRoad?

If you’re looking for reviews on TrainerRoad then you probably know what it is, or at least have an idea! It’s an app to help you train for cycling races, mountain biking events, triathlon and any bike riding events. Have you tried Spinning at the gym? I like to think of TrainerRoad as my own personal Spin instructor working at my own personal intensity level, with my own best interests at heart, every workout!

How much does it cost?

At the time of writing, TrainerRoad costs 12USD/month or 100USD/year

How does it work?

When you start using TrainerRoad, you first need to establish your training zones. This can be done in a number of ways, including by heart rate, power or even by virtual power. Once you have established your training zones you can choose to follow a training plan or you can choose workouts to suit your own ideas.Click here for more info. I’ve been following training plans for about a year, although during my build period and during the racing season I tend to heavily adapt the training plans. During my base training I’m happy to follow a low volume plan, and the new plans introduced last spring are great. There is also a lot of choice.


-It eliminates a lot of the boredom of training indoors due to the varied workouts

-Those long winter months training indoors are now much more fun than before!

-Time flies when doing the workouts

-I work too hard (most of the time) to watch a film (is that an advantage?!)

-It stores all of your workout data (this can also be synched with some other apps such as Training Peaks and Strava)

-I feel that I am getting stronger as a cyclist and this is also supported by my results (see below)

-I never knew I could work so hard on an indoor trainer!


-I work too hard (most of the time) to watch a film (is that an advantage?!)

-The display is not very stimulating

-You can only use it indoors!

-It doesn’t synch with GarminConnect

Results since starting TrainerRoad Last November

-I ran my best Ironman marathon after a strong bike ride (3h13!)

-I rode my best Olympic triathlon bike time (1h) and improved by 10 mins on another course I had ridden 2 years previously (1h05 instead of 1h15)

-I ran a 1h20 half marathon in St Poelten

-I rode my best half Ironman bike at Czechman (2h27)


I am a real fan of the software and am sure that it can benefit athletes of any ability. I feel so strongly about this that last month I approached TrainerRoad and became a TrainerRoad Ambassador. This means that I have the opportunity to spread the word about it, and if you don’t believe how excited I am then you can try watching this video from And if you don’t believe him, try it for yourself! Simply write to me and I can send you a one month FREE trial 🙂




15 thoughts on “TrainerRoad Review

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  2. I am definitely interested in a free trial month. I am using trainingpeaks but am very interested in the ability to live track workouts.

  3. I would love to try this app out. I just picked up a bike trainer but the number of apps that can be used is overwhelming. I would love to try it before committing funds to it.

  4. Hey Mat, are you still able to offer the free months trial please? I have just checked compatibility for my iPad Air 2 and need the wahoo and lightening adapter so the trial will help greatly. Would you recommend using TR through the summer as well as winter and fit in outside rides in between the workouts. Or better to start from October and plan for the following summer. Any help will be greatly appreciated. Cheers . Darren.

    • Hi Darren,
      Great to hear from you! I will sort one out and send it to you (probably tonight). I would definitely recommend using TR through the summer! I usually do the shorter, more intense weekday workouts indoor and swap out the longer weekend rides with bike rides outdoors. Alternatively, you could choose a lower volume plan and add outdoor workouts in between them. I guess it depends how much time you have available to train and what you are training for. There are lots of plans on TR to choose from but feel free to bounce ideas off me too if you want. Good luck! I’m sure you’ll love it!

    • No I didn’t but they do look pretty good and I’m sure that you could follow them. The main reason for me is that I swim with a club twice a week and I run pretty much the same volume throughout the year and tailor my intensity depending on the time of year. Hope this helps!

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    • Hi Thibaut. If your seriously looking for a training plan app to follow I would recommend TrainerRoad very much. Definitely worth a trial to give it a go. Cheers. Darren.

      • Hey Darren! Are you still using Trainerroad? I have been using it for years now and still love it! Have you seen they’ve just added new features too?

      • Hey Mat. Great to hear from you. Yes I am still enjoying Trainerroad. I use it more over winter say from October/ November to April to train mainly for long MTB/Gravel events through our summer months. I got the month trial code from you nearly 3 years ago exactly. I am aware of the new features especially the plan builder as it takes the planning away from myself and it’s all worked out for you, great. I’ve just seen the group ride feature but not investigated it yet. It does look like a great feature but I like to get on the trainer or into the woods to escape from it all so may not be for me. So yes still plugging away all from your free month trial code, we’ve made them a few quid eh! Hope your still competing and enjoying things. Regards. Darren.

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