To recovery ride or not to recovery ride?

I’ve tried outdoor recovery rides in the past but I am not sure if I was riding too hard, too long or on the wrong days.

There is a lot of information about active recovery and performing recovery rides on the internet. There is a great article here.

While following my Trainerroad Base 2 Training Plan this year and listening to the reasoning behind recovery rides and each rider’s individual recovery profile, I decided to test them again. It’s still winter here in the Czech Republic so I have been trying them on my turbo trainer.

What I’ve found:

So far I’ve found that a 30 minute recovery ride makes me feel more tired if I try a harder bike workout the following day. If however, I do a run workout on the following day, my legs feel fresher and I can run harder!

Another Trainerroad suggestion  I read during one of my recovery rides, is to perform a recovery ride later in a day where you have done Vo2 max or threshold intervals. I intend to give this a try in the next few weeks to see if this makes any noticeable difference to me.

Try some of these ideas yourself and see what works for you!

1 thought on “To recovery ride or not to recovery ride?

  1. As an update to this post, I’ve found that a short recovery ride in the evening after a harder bike ride earlier in the day leaves me feeling much less tired the next day – give it a try!

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