The coming season

Time is ticking and the season is coming round. I made a last minute decision a few weeks ago to run a local half marathon and so I thought I’d add a bit more speed into my running plan and ended up pulling a muscle in my calf…. again. I have decided to write a post about how I try to avoid injury through training and recovery soon, as I have a slightly different approach to a lot of people I know! My approach to injury treatment is also a little different to most of the people I know too – but it seems to work for me!

Anyway, my bounce back from this most recent pulled muscle has prompted me to post my season plan this evening. I’ve abandoned the idea of running a pre-season half marathon and decided to add a sprinkling of speed intervals aiming for approximate half ironman race pace and no more, with my triathlon season only 4 weeks away!

7/5 Multisport Austria Half Ironman

4/6 Czechman Half Ironman, Czech Republic

11/6 Schloss-Moritzburg Ironman, Germany

9/7 or 17/7 Hopman or Hamrman Half Ironman, Czech Republic

most probably Hopman… the course looks flat (like Slovakman and Podersodorf), it’s cheap and the date is a bit better for me and my family

30/7 Zdar Olympic Triathlon, Cech Republic

6/8 Slovakman, Slovakian long distance championchips

Maybe one more short triathlon here

3/9 Podersdorf Ironman, Austria

7/11 Zlin Ultra Marathon, Czech Republic (63km)

This year arranging my schedule has been quite difficult with work and other things, and I have had to avoid the ‘real’ Ironman races because of this but I am finally quite happy what I have planned. My long distance races are more evenly spread throughout the season than last year and I hope that I will be prepared enough to perform in each one, particularly in Slovakman, where I have had some good results in the last few years, and in Podersdorf, which is a fast course and an enjoyable day although I think in September that the water might be getting cold for me to do an Ironman swim šŸ™‚

If I come out the end of the season injury (or niggle) free, I will have a few weeks to ramp up my running volume in order to run my first ultra marathon which is a local race quite close to my house. If I feel unable to prepare for this then I will look for a marathon instead – I have run a nice marathon in Dresden and another in Graz in recent years.


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