Tacx Vortex Smart – a new toy!

It’s arrived! My new electronic trainer – the Tacx Vortex Smart! After reading about this and looking at various forums and DCRainmarker’s reviews I finally decided to splash out and give it a try. The Vortex is considerably cheaper than other electronic trainers out there and when compared with a number of other options I decided that it fit the bill in the most important factors for me:

  1. It’s electronic
  2. It supports TrainerRoad and Zwift
  3. Quick release mechanisms on both resistance unit and bike release

I was worried that it would be difficult to set up, but after initially securing the resistance unit in the wrong position and then correcting it, I was really surprised at just how easy it was to pair with TrainerRoad and get started. So far I have only done a short test ride but when I have got a little more information to share I will write a longer review.

Can’t wait to get training on it!

Note: Photo from Tacx.com

2 thoughts on “Tacx Vortex Smart – a new toy!

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