Super start to the season!

I thought it was time to take a look back at the season so far. After 4 races, I am really pleased with my results:

7th May: Austrian 1/2 Iron, 4h08 (7th in cat, 19/200) You can read my review here

4th June: Czechman, 4h24 (5th in cat, 20/600) You can read my review here

11th June: Schloss-Moritzburg Ironman, 9h17 (2nd) You can read my review here

18the June: Moraviaman Iron relay (I rode 45km in 1h09 and ran 21.1km in 1h26)

In each race I have consistently ridden better than ever before with half ironman bike splits of 2h20 and 2h24, and an ironman bike split of 4h57. My average power is 15-20 watts higher than last year and my runs have been very consistent too (cca. 4min/km in half iron). I put most of this improvement down to the training plans I have been following on I know I have been writing a lot about it recently but I am very excited that I am finally making some bike gains and have the added benefit of running better off the bike too. If you want a free trial of Trainerroad, please get in touch!


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