2016 Season – Part 2

After a 6-week break from racing, I’m finally coming to the end of the wait for the rest of my season to start. To read about my first races, click here

It’s been a strange few weeks, by the end of the last race I was suffering with achilles pain which has persisted to a greater or lesser extent for the last few weeks (I intend to write a post shortly about how I try to stay fit/limit injury). This has limited my ability to run in training, especially long and fast training.

While working through my specialty phase I have also had a real mix of bike workouts, some felt really good and others felt really hard. I put some of this down to being tired (on our holiday in Croatia there was load music until 4 or 5 in the morning 😦 for half of the week) and my son hasn’t been sleeping very well.

After returning home in the middle of last week, I’ve cut back my running to a bare minimum and I did a last long bike ride on Thursday. Saturday saw a short, fairly intense bike workout and Monday my last long swim.

Tomorrow I’m going to Piestany for Slovakman, so I guess I will see how the break has affected me! Getting excited now…..

Other races to come are:

13/7 Olympic triathlon Zdar (possibly)

20/8 Challenge Samorin

3/9 Podersdorf Ironman



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