Less is more – going alcohol-free

After reading several times over the last couple of years about the negative effects of alcohol on weight loss, and metabolism and recovery, waking up one Saturday morning in March with a hangover and having to get up to train was the final straw, I decided to give going alcohol-free a try! As it turns out, I’ve just finished my most successful season ever!

Czechman – 20th place (6th in AG)

Schloss-Moritzburg triathlon – 2nd place

Slovakman – 7th place

Challenge Samorin – 1st in AG

Austria triathlon Podersdorf – 11th place (3rd in AG)

I suppose I’ll never know if it was from not drinking or training harder (see my Trainerroad review, I can only recommend this programme!) but I would like to think that being alcohol-free must have contributed, even if not directly then indirectly. If you’ve hit a performance plateau, why not give it a try?? I intend to stick with it for another season so I can compare results 🙂

Here are some random  things I thought I would share:

  1. For me, I found giving up alcohol rather like giving up smoking (yes I used to smoke and gave up 12 years ago). Once I decided that I would not smoke, something happened and I suddenly found it quite easy to stop.
  2. This might not be for everyone. This choice was much easier for me than it might be for a young, single man. I rarely go out (I have two young children at home), and my drinking was mainly done at home in front of the TV to unwind. For a long time I have wondered why I bother and so it was just a case of exchanging beer or wine for tea/lemonade. After about a month I didn’t miss it at all (in fact after my race yesterday I had an aclohol-free beer and found I didn’t like it, this from a man who loved a pint until recently!)
  3. Worrying what other people think. This was less of a problem than I always worried. Maybe I don’t feel peer pressure as I used to or maybe people really don’t care if you drink or not!!

So if you want to take your training and fitness to the next level, why not give it a try?

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