Koberice Half Marathon, Czech Republic


Kobericky Pul Maraton

Picture 235

Time of year: October

Value for money: 5

Location: 3

Crowd support: 1

Organisation: 5

PB potential: 3

Course: Quite flat, 4 laps round the town

Competitors: 150

Locality: Koberice is located between Ostrava and Opava in the north of the Czech Republic. Iťs a small, quiet village and is not the kind of place you would travel far for, but Ostrava is the third biggest city in the country and has quite a few things to see and do including a street called Stodolni street which is famous around the country for its clubs and bars (maybe not the best place to visit before a Sunday morning half marathon though!). Opava is smaller but quite pretty and well worth a visit too.

Getting there: If you are travelling from abroad, you may be able to fly to Ostrava, otherwise you could fly to Prague or Brno and then get a trian or bus. I imagine you can get to Koberice by bus. 

Webpage: http://kobbeh.sweb.cz/ 

My experience (2008): When we arrived in the village it was quite easy to find the registration area, there was a sports club and a pub next to it, which seemed to be the only place open at 8 in the morning. The regulars seemed a bit put out that there were sportsmen walking around there, and that there was a delay getting their beers!

It was quite cold but sunny and after spending 2 months in the summer travelling in South America I was looking forward to racing before the winter started properly.

The race itself was 4 laps which was the first time I had done a half marathon like this, and I found it very motivating trying to hold/improve the time I ran the previous lap. (I’m not the kind of runner who can start slow and finish fast, I have to start quite quickly and try to hold that pace for the whole distance, or start slow and race slow!)

The race was quite uneventful, but after finishing I sat and had a couple of beers with my girlfriend (in the local pub) and was surprised to see that  group of men had grown and they were now drinking shots with their beers (before 11am!)

My experience (2010): After a disappointing season due to injury in the spring (more about that in future posts) which meant I missed Challenge Roth and only managed to complete in 2 triathlons in the summer, I was finally feeling fit and looking forward to racing here again and hopefully breaking 1h20 which had been eluding me for long.

The weather and the place were exactly the same as I remembered, and I was looking forward to racing. This time my girlfriend was my wife (we got married in August), and one of my friends from Ostrava also joined us (we stayed at her house on Saturday night, but didn’t go to Stodolni Street 🙂 ).

Unfortunately my result was exactly the same as 2 years before (1h21) but I tried harder than I had the last time! I think…..

After the race we went to Opava to meet some some friends for lunch and it topped off a very nice weekend.

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