Pamplona Half Marathon, Spain

Time of year: May

Value for money: 5

Location: 3

Crowd support: 3

Organisation: 5

PB potential: 3

Course: Undulating

Competitors: Approx 1000

Locality: Pamplona is famous for its Bull runs in July, but the rest of the year it’s quite a quiet town with a nice old part and some lovely parks and cafes. As part of the region of Navarra, there are also Basque traditional foods such as pintxos and large meaty meals with unlimited cider from their ‘Sidrerias’ or ‘Cider Houses’. It’s a nice place to spend a long weekend.

Getting there: Pamplona is not the easiest place for foreign runners to get to, but probably the easiest way is to fly to Bilbao and then take a bus or train the two hour journey to Pamplona.


My experience: A medium-size event which starts in the centre of Pamplona and takes you around the city. There’s a very good crowd and a lot of support for the runners. My friend came to visit me when I was living in Pamplona and we ran the race together so I have very fond memories of it. On the day it was very windy and very hot. I enjoyed the race and managed to knock another minute off my personal best, and beat my friend by a minute or two as well.

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