Prague Half Marathon, Czech Republic

Time of year: April

Value for money: 2 (ok it’s in Prague, but it’s expensive!)

Location: 5

Crowd support: 4

Organisation: 5

PB potential: 4

Course: Mostly flat

Competitors: Approx 12000

Locality: Everyone knows Prague, it’s a beautiful city and the race starts when you run across the Charles Bridge (note: this wasn’t true in 2013, but the change has made the start less chaotic and the organisation excellent).

Getting there: Prague is well connected by train, bus and plane.


My experience (2013): It was great to come back here again, this time to run with my brother. This was where I did my first half marathon, which turned out to be a life-changing event! Now I use these early season races as training for the triathlons which take up most of my summer weekends and most of my free time!

Unfortunately this year it was still very cold and I wasn’t sure what to wear or how it would go. I have to say that after visiting a lot of races, this was by far the best organized that I have visited and (maybe) it was worth all that money after all!!

Anyway, my plan was to run under 1h18 this year and hope that my brother could also improve on his previous best.

It was about 2 degrees when we started and it seemed surprisingly easy until the 19km when I started struggling to hold my pace and in the end I came in at 1:18:10, so just outside my intended finish time but my brother finished in 1:27, 4 minutes better than he had done before so we were both happy with that and after finding our way out the centre we went off to celebrate 🙂

My experience: This was my first running race and I entered with several of my work colleagues. I enjoyed every minute of it and was surprised to finish in under 1h40! This was the event that ignited my love of distance running.

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