Vienna Half Marathon, Austria

Wien Herbstmarathon

Time of year: November (but held regularly)Value for money: 4

Location: 5

Crowd support: 3

Organisation: 4

PB potential: 4

Competitors: 1000

Locality: The race takes place around the Prater, in a suburb of Vienna. There are quite a lot of hotels and restaurants as well as a theme park nearby.

Getting there: Vienna is well connected by train, bus and plane.

Webpage: (only in German)

My experience: Three weeks after running in Koberice I found this race on an Austrian website and register to once again try to run under 1h20. We arrived the day before and stayed in a hotel which I’d found an offer for quite near the start of the race. It was obviously usually used by business people and was half empty at the weekend. Unlike the last time I had run in Vienna, this race was quite small and the weather was very cold and grey so after I got my race number I decided to go back to the hotel to relax.

I went back out just in time after jogging to the start line and took off at quite a hard pace. The race was 3x 7km laps around the park so I knew what I had to do to beat my best.

However part way through the third lap I started suffering with calf pain, maybe I was still a bit tired from the previous race? Anyway, I was making good progress but it kept getting worse and I was looking forward to finishing. Once again I crossed the line in 1h21! Close, but now I will have to wait til next year to try again….. and in the meantime try to sort out the problem in my calf 😦

After the race we went to a sushi restaurant we’d heard about near the Prater, not what I’s normally choose to eat post race but I’d promised my girlfriend…. we both ended up eating too much and I felt sick all the way home in the car!

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