Czechman, Czech Republic

Czechman Triatlon

Time of year: June

Value for money: 4

Location: 3

Crowd support: 3

Organisation: 5

PB potential: 4

Course: 1-lap lake swim, flat 3-lap bike course and 2-lap run course

Competitors: 400

Locality: The race is held near Pardubice which is quite a big town about 1.5 hours from Prague, however the race is actually held in a very small place which we found difficult to find in the car. It’s quite pretty when you finally arrive though!

Getting there: The best way to get to there (I assume) is by car because it is in the sticks. If you’re travelling from abroad I’d say you should fly to Prague and then rent a car.


My experience (2014):A complete contrast to last year’s weather. This year it was the first warm day of the year! Some more course changes this year to ‘enhance spectator experience’ meant that the bike course was returned to a 3 lap course and the run was changed so that we passed through the race centre more often. The bike course seemed more difficult than the previous 2 lap course but was still very fast and I felt that the new run loops were an improvement for the athletes too.

Once again I slightly improved y previous bike best (2h29) even though the course was different but my run was not as good – maybe it was due to the hot weather?

My experience (2013):The weather was very cold and it was raining. I couldn’t decide whether I wanted to race but after I did decide, I didn’t look back. I put in a hundred percent and was very pleased with my performance in very difficult conditions. It was cold and it rained heavily for the whole day. Despite all this I managed to ride a faster bike leg than the year before so perhaps all my bike training is finally paying off!!

My experience (2012): This was the second time the race was held at this new venue to allow for more participants but I missed the previous race in 2011 as I decided to race in Linz instead.

I’d suffered a pulled pectoral muscle a few weeks before the race but it seemed to be better and I was hoping to race a good time.

The new course seemed very fast and maybe because of my long training sessions in the weeks before the race it seemed very quick and (dare I say it?) easy!!I finished quicker than I had done a half distance race before, but everyone was quick.

I really like the race here. For a Czech race it is expensive but it is the biggest too. There is also some good coverage on Czech TV!

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