Linz Triathlon, Austria

Linz Triathlon (also sprint triathlon)

Time of year: May

Value for money: 4

Location: 5

Crowd support: 3

Organisation: 4

PB potential: 3

Course: 2-lap lake swim, hilly 2-lap bike course and 2-lap run course

Competitors: cca 300

Locality: The race is held in Plesching, a small town near Linz. The area is stunning, if a little hilly! The location of the race is great for families and small children and there are two cafes and children’s playground near the start.

Getting there: The best way to get to there if you’re in Europe is by car, although it’s only an hour or so from Vienna so could be easy to get a train there too. If you’re travelling from abroad you may be able to fly to Linz airport, or otherwise Vienna.


My experience (2013): This was the second time at the race, and this time there was a new bike course. It was more hilly than the previous course but I was surprised that it was still quite quick, or would’ve been if the weather hadn’t been so bad!! It rained all evening on Friday, so I collected my race number and then after eating my pasta from the pasta party I went back to my hotel room. It was quite close to the race but still near the centre of Linz. Although a little expensive, I would recommend it.

Then on race day it continued to rain until about an hour before the race and then it seemed to be getting better. As we started the swim I was expecting to get out with some sun only to be greeted by yet more rain!! Heavy rain!!

As I got on my bike, my glasses steamed up, so I took them off and when I tried to put them on again one of the pieces of glass fell out!! The weather continued, turning into sleet and very windy. When I took a drink from my bottle that broke too and the water came out.

I was very cold and shivering and my teeth were chattering. I was considering giving up but after one lap of the bike I decided to carry on.

In the end I started the run feeling very cold but quickly warmed up, with the feeling returning to my hands and feet came pins and needles like I’ve never had before!

I finished in 4h56, which was a little disappointing but as the first triathlon of the season it was good to get it done 🙂

My experience (2011): This would be my tuning race before my first Ironman and I was looking forward to it. It was my first race with a heart rate monitor but as I started the bike there was a big hill and rather than stick to my race strategy, I pushed as hard as I could to see what happened. It felt great…. for about 40km and then I started realizing my mistake. I had a stomach ache, and felt tired and after the bike I started the run (usually my favourite part) a little worried. After 10km I started to walk and my stomach was hurting like hell, in the end I finished the race a little bit disappointed but I had learnt a valuable lesson before the Ironman – don’t go too hard at the start of the bike and don’t change your race strategy 🙂

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