Ironman Austria, Klagenfurt, Austria

Time of year: June

Value for money: 3 (It’s very expensive!)

Location: 5

Crowd support: 3

Organisation: 5

PB potential: 5

Course: 1-lap lake swim, 2-lap bike course and flat 2-lap run course

Competitors: 2500

Locality: The race is held in Klagenfurt, on lake Worther See. The town is beautiful and there are lots of things to see and do in the surrounding area.

Getting there: It is easily reached by car, but if you’re travelling from abroad I guess it is best to fly.


My experience (2015): It was great to come back to this race in 2015 and this time I brought my family and we stayed for a week. It was a lovely week which my whole family enjoyed, with beautiful weather and lots of things to do. If you want any hints or tips then feel free to message me 🙂

The race was wonderful for me this year too. Starting the swim with the pros did not work out very well for me and I got a bit lost after losing all of the other swimmers giving me a slower than expected swimming time. On the bike, after chasing a sub-5h bike split for 2 years, I decided to ease off a little and ended up riding quite a good time in just over 5 hours, but what really made my day was the marathon – the weather was great and I was feeling good and I ran an Ironman pb of 3h13! What a day! Finish time of 9h35 and 12th MPRO 🙂

My experience (2014): I arrived on Friday afternoon and was very pleased with my room in a bed and breakfast just outside Klagenfurt.

I collected my race number and went back to prepare my bike for Saturday.

On Saturday I went to the race briefing and put my bike into transition and then I spent the rest of the day relaxing. Tomorrow would be fantastic!

It was the first ‘real’ Ironman event I’d been to for a long time, and I forgot how much time you need to allow yourself to get everything done! After sorting out my bike I had to wait almost thirty minutes to use a portaloo and then had to jog to the start, drop off my clothes and pull on my wetsuit just before the start! Not the best start to the day!  But after this I soon settled into the swim and had a great day and everything went quite well except for some tired legs and cramps on the run course. It probably didn’t help that Balatonman was only two weeks ago!

The only slight ‘disappointment’ was the crowd support, particularly on the run where I was expecting a lot more people but other than that the day and the evening was perfect and the organisation was perfect too.

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