Podersdorf Triathlon, Austria


Time of year: August

Value for money: 5

Location: 5

Crowd support: 3

Organisation: 3 (see below)

PB potential: Depends on the wind!

Course: 2-lap swim, 4-lap flat bike and 4-lap flat run (There is a half distance on the same day)

Competitors: 400

Locality: Podersdorf is a small town quite near Vienna. It sits on the edge of a huge stepped lake. The water is quite shallow and ideal for first timers and advanced athletes too. There seems to be a lot to do around the lake if you are coming for a holiday.

Getting there: The best way to get to Podersdorf am See if you’re travelling from abroad is to fly to Vienna and then maybe rent a car. From Europe it is well connected by road.

Webpage:  http://www.austria-triathlon.at/en/news

My experience: The triathlon itself was very well organised but when I arrived on Friday afternoon to collect my race number there was a long queue of people in a tent, the temperature outside was over 35 degrees and the temperature inside the tent must have been even higher! I started sweating after two minutes but stood in line for over an hour! There was only one person dealing with long-course athletes!

This was my third long distance race this summer and after two hard races I was considering whether I wanted to continue punishing myself by racing this distance. This was to help me decide what to do next season!

The swim was without a wetsuit and the shallow water was very warm. It was so shallow, in fact, that you could walk round if you wanted to! At the deepest it was up to my shoulders! The swim still took me considerably longer than normal, but I did swim the whole way round!

The bike course was very flat and hot but I got round faster than I have in any of my previous races (5h13) and went on to run a fairly good marathon despite it being the hottest day of the year. I still had a few walking breaks as I have in each of my long races this year but by the second half I was feeling very good and was happy to finish in 10h01. Only m slow swim stopped me going well under 10 hours for the second time this season, but even better was that because I didn’t place such big expectations on myself like I had in Roth I finished feeling happy with I had achieved and made the decision to go for another long distance season next year 🙂

Bring it on!

3 thoughts on “Podersdorf Triathlon, Austria

    • Hi Simon,

      I’d say it was quite well supported. There were a lot of people around in the morning and there was even a paddle steamer following us round on the swim course! In the town there were quite a lot of people and I think people doing the half distance come to cheer people on as they finish.
      I really enjoyed the day.
      As for the wind….. there are wind turbines all around the area! It wasn’t too bad for the long distance on the Saturday but it looked really windy on the Sunday (for the short races). Have a look at this video, from about 5:10 to see for yourself): http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ekEHKkibdfg

      Hope this somehow answers your questions!

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